About Himani

Himani is a dynamic, highly motivating and an entertaining speaker. She pursued her M.B.A with specialization in Marketing and is highly praised as learned leader owing to her noteworthy academic and professional career as a manager at corporate like Reliance Money and Birla Sun Life.
Himani founded “Himani’s Happiness Hub” with a vision to spread happiness to everyone by training them to use the mind power to achieve their goals. She is a successful Mind Trainer and is much focussed to share her knowledge for larger good by helping people to realize the true potential of mind. Till date, she has shared this secret with more than 40,000 people and her students are amazed at the successful results for themselves.

Himani inspires audiences around the world. She has the powerful ability of awakening everyone to their powerful and happier self. She has delivered more than 170 Mind Training programs in various locations in India; Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat,Vapi, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Delhi etc. & also globally in East Africa at Nairobi.

A motivating, dynamic and an entertaining presenter, Himani is also an active Pranic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist and a Yoga Trainer. She is a spiritual healer and is gifted with natural intuition, which gives her the uncanny ability to see directly in to the heart of any situation. She has effectively counselled and healed thousands of people in difficult real life scenarios like health, wealth or relationship problems.

Himani has designed programs for people of all age-groups and occupation. Her advanced and easy to follow methods have helped numerous people move toward Optimistic Thinking and achieve wellness by overcoming their weaknesses like Stress, Depression, and Fears and achieve success in various domains of life.

Himani’s selfless devotion to the well-being of everyone she comes in contact with, makes her a passionate communicator, guide, mentor and friend. Everyone who comes into this powerful woman’s life is proudly transformed as the blessings of her deep compassionate and understanding nature radiates into all the relationships she builds.

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"Happiness is like a butterfly.
The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.
But if you turn your attention to other things,
It comes and sits softly on your shoulder."
                                                                 Henry David Thoreau .